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--- Special Report ---
Made for Jackie Chen
updated 29/03/2008
It was 2004 when we first met Jackie san. He just dropped in on our shop one day and looked all over up and down in lively step just as if he came out from the screen.

Few months later we formally received his order to make a set of daisho Katana with dragon fittings. Chinese character "ryu(dragon)" represents his name. That's how Jackie san's project has started. It took about 3 years to complete this mission.

What we first did was to examine the right swordsmith to work for this project. It has to be undeniably capable as to suit world's best class star. And we came to Yoshiwara Yoshikazu. He is considered to be the leading figure of future generation. His father Yoshiwara Yoshindo is a strong favorite to become a living national treasure in due time. Fortunately, our president and the Yoshiwara Family(school) has had built good relationship through decades. There is no doubt that this friendship has made the whole project run smooth and remarkable. One of the reason what made this a 3 year project is that Jackie san had tremendous interest in process of making sword that intended to visit master Yoshikazu's workplace at several stage.

Jackie san's enthusiasm impressed us all and at the same time, we would like to express great gratitude for master Yoshikazu's contribution. We are so proud of been in part of this project and have big confidence in delivering this outstanding piece of work.




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